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Parking area for camper vans


The parking area reserved for camper vans is located in a green area under the treetop path and offers all the basics for campers, like water and electricity, sanitary facilities and even tips for activities in the region.
A grill hut near the parking area can be rented.
RV clubs may request a reservation calendar with some offers, in which case it is preferable to call us in advance to book a slot.
Overnight stays cost €10 per night and per vehicle.

Dear camper drivers,

Due to a few factors, such as the easing of the Corona-prevention measures, the important number of campers on the road and the beautiful weather, our little parking area for campers is full to capacity! Originally intended for maximal 8 vehicles, there are on average 20 to 30 campers every week-end and holiday! The situation is really stressing, all the more that we have to keep our sanitary container closed (and with it, our chemical toilets) due to Corona-prevention measures.

Therefore we had to make the decision to attribute the places of our parking area with a pre-booking system. The decision is effective from now on and until further notice.

This means that every person wishing to park his camper on our parking area has to take contact with us by phone (06393 – 92100). If, when you call, a place is still free, you can book it by giving your name and address. Each night costs 10€ for each vehicle and has to be paid on the spot the day of arrival.
Please take in consideration that the maximal duration of your stay is 2 nights and that you have to arrive at the latest at 17:00. The departure the next day is possible until 10:00 in the morning.

We are aware of the fact that we cannot answer the actual high demand properly and we recommend you to use the bigger parking areas close to Schönau and Dahn. You will find at this link an overview of all the parking areas in South-West Pfalz (in German):

We thank you for your comprehension and hope that the situation will become normal again in a close future.