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Experience paths


Two paths starting at the Biosphere House lead you through breathtaking valleys along the river. Both paths feature interactive terminals which invite you to read, participate and muse.
Whereas the Biosphere experience path is open all year long and accessible to wheelchairs and baby buggies, the water experience path can only be taken when the weather is dry.

The biosphere experience path

This 2.5 km long path on flat ground leads you through the adjacent Spießwoogtal. Twelve interactive terminals installed along the route invite you to play, discover and relax. The path features swinging benches, hammocks, a refreshing Kneipp therapy (hydrotherapy) and a bathing area in the lake.

The water experience path

The water experience path follows one of the most beautiful sand streams of the region – the Sauer. This 2 km long circular path starts and finishes at the Biosphere House. Many interactive terminals spread out along the path provide information about the water, its use and its residents.