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Overview – The most important things in brief


The Treetop path …
… is 270 m long and 12 to 18 m high, and consists of wood bridges going through the treetops.
… is built so that everyone who wishes to discover what treetops are like can access them. Age and physical fitness do not matter. Part of the pathway is even accessible to wheelchair users.
… does not involve treetop trekking. It is rather an educational and recreational path on which nobody needs to be guided or roped up.
…showcases some highlights: a 40 m high observation tower, a giant spiral slide (toboggan), 3 wiggling bridges, 10 interactive terminals and so much more.
…can be visited as much as you want during the day.


Entrance (Einstieg)
1 : Hanging bridge (Hängebrücke)
2 : Moving platform bridge (Tellerbrücke)
3 : Jungle bridge (Dschungelbrücke)
4 : Eagle’s nest (Adlerhorst)
5 : Observation tower (Aussichtsturm)
6 : Giant slide (Riesenrutsche)
A : The seasons in the forest (Jahreszeiten im Wald)
B : Tree library (Baumbibliothek)
C : Binoculars (Fernglas)
D : From the sun to the forest honey (Von der Sonne zum Waldhonig)
E : Interactive birdhouses (Interaktive Nistkästen)
F : Owls listening terminal (Eulen-Lauschstation)
G : Leaf traces (Blattspuren)
H : Woodpecker terminal (Spechtstation)
I : Wood weights (Holzgewichte)